Success Stories

It is an immense joy for us to inform you that our baby arrived safe and sound on 5 June 2019.

In 2016 my husband and I had the heart-breaking experience of losing our daughter Freya whilst I was 26 wee

We cannot thank the amazing Dr.

We are an Irish couple and we had the misfortune to suffer five miscarriages in all.

In 2014 after 2 miscarriages and subsequent D&Cs, I was unfortunately diagnosed with Asherman's syndrom

“After many years of failed fertility treatments and operations elsewhere coming to see Dr Shehata was the

After 6 years of trying, 5 miscarriages and seeing various doctors, who gave us no answers to the cause, we

I have always wanted to be a mum but had always put a hold on it so that I could pursue a career and buy a

We came to the CRP clinic after 3 miscarriages and no diagnosis of a problem - we wanted to explore every p

When my little girl Matilda turned 2 I started to think about when would be a good time to have another bab

After 3 miscarriages (two at 8 weeks and one at 15 weeks) over 3 and a half years, we knew that this wasn’t

I would like to thank Dr Shehata and your team for what I think is priceless work.

To all the team,

we cannot thank you enough for making our family complete.

Dear Dr. Hassan Shehata,

My husband and I married in summer 2011 we always knew we wanted to have a family but decided to wait a yea

“After suffering from numerous chemical pregnancies, I started researching possible causes online and was l

Mr and Mrs Stacey - parents to a 3 1/2 year old daughter and 9 week old twin boys - our painful journey has

"We have a beautiful family despite previous losses and its all thanks to Doctor Shehata.  Just when we had

It was December 2007 when my husband and I decided that we’d like to start a family.

My husband and I started to try for a baby in 2005.

I met Mr Shehata,11 years ago when me and my husband had been trying for a baby. I have two children alread

His little hands were curled into perfect circles, and his features were recognisably those of his father,

That was how my husband described our potential meeting with Mr. Shehata.

We had been trying to conceive for 4 years before visiting Mr Shahata at the Miscarriage Clinic.  We first

That was how my husband described our potential meeting with Mr. Shehata.

We were over the moon when I first fell pregnant just months after our wedding.

Shortly after getting married I suffered 3 miscarriages within 10 months of each other which cast a shadow

I already have a daughter who was born in 2001 - my pregnancy with her was very normal and she arrived at 3

Over the last 10 years I have endured numerous types of fertility treatments…..17 in total !!!

Just weeks before coming across Dr Shehatas website we were starting to prepare ourselves for the devastati

After suffering a devastating 18 miscarriages, Angie Baker never gave up hope of one day conceiving the chi

I suffered my first miscarriage on holiday in the USA and could not believe it could happen to me.

...having had 4 miscarriages we read about Mr Shehata and were amazed and decided to go and see him ourselv

My husband and I came to Mr Shehata’s clinic after suffering from five miscarriages.

We fell pregnant with our first child on our honeymoon.