Our beautiful daughter Isabella

'We were newly weds who were embarking on the next chapter. We so very much wanted to have a little baby, to nurture and love. We were excited about the future ahead. We were delighted when a couple of months later I was holding a positive pregnancy test in my hand.  I was spotting but I had read that it can be perfectly normal in early pregnancy so didn't worry too much. I made an appointment with my GP who subsequently referred me to the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital.

It was then our world came crashing down. I was having a miscarriage. I cried for days but was reassured by my doctor that it is very common and that I should wait a couple of months and try again.  So we did, and once again I was holding a positive pregnancy test but I was spotting. I thought here we go again! I miscarried again and this time it hit us even harder. My body was failing me and I didn't understand why. The gynaecologist said it's just bad luck, wait a couple of months and try again. I said the same thing has happened again with exactly the same pattern, maybe something's wrong. She reassured me that this happens to a lot of couples and it was just bad luck. She said they wouldn't investigate until I'd had three miscarriages anyway.

So we took a little break, went on holiday and then a few months later tried again.  And low and behold, I miscarried again.  I was referred to a specialist in my local hospital who tried to help. I was told that all my test results showed that I was perfectly healthy and that chances are I would go on to have a normal pregnancy next time. They kept talking about additional treatment with aspirin once I reached six weeks. The problem was I never got that far! I kept telling them the problems started before I got a positive pregnancy test result. Following another miscarriage, I was referred to a specialist in London who took the same approach. I really struggled with the lack of support outside the scheduled appointments, things were happening with my body that I didn't understand and we felt helpless.

Following my fifth miscarriage, my husband and I began to research whether others had experienced similar problems. We came across the Miscarriage Clinic and the work Mr Shehata and his team were doing.  The success stories gave us great hope.  We booked our first appointment in September 2013. We were extremely nervous. Mr Shehata and Louise were very friendly and clearly very knowledgable in their field. I'll never forget my feeling of relief when Mr Shehata said we need to ensure everything is perfect before you get pregnant as it sounds like that's where the problem starts. Finally someone was listening to me. They reviewed my medical history and we decided on a number of tests to look at the natural killer cells in my blood.

We reviewed the results two weeks later which showed I had very high levels of natural killers cells. Mr Shehata came up with a tailored treatment plan. In February I fell pregnant, with no spotting! I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't have a scan until 7 weeks but Louise was at the end of the phone every time I had a worry or a question.  And so came the 7 week appointment, I couldn't talk I was so nervous. I burst into tears when I saw and heard my little baby's heartbeat. My husband was shaking. We had overcome the first hurdle.  We had several appointments and scans with Mr Shehata over the course of the pregnancy and lots (I lost count of how many) calls with Louise who was a great support.

After 5 years of waiting on 9th November 2014 I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Isabella.  We have just celebrated her 1st birthday and she is the most perfect precious little thing in the world.  We can never thank Mr Shehata and his team enough for all the expertise, help and support they gave us.  It literally meant the world to us.'

Michelle and Duncan