How we work and cost of our treatments

To arrange a private consultation simply call Cheryl Estall 9am-3pm, Mon-Fri on 01372 232 245 or email us at

We aim to answer calls between 09:30 and 12:30 Mon to Fri. Due to the high volume of calls it is not always possible to speak with an advisor, so we ask that you leave a message and we will return your call. Please allow 48 hours for return emails.


 Pre Appointment History Sheet 

 Click here to download pricelist to ensure you can are aware of the costings for consultations, scans, treatments, medications and tests.

  • Consultation is 20-30 minutes long. You can have more time if needed.
  • Please note that a £100 non-refundable deposit will be required to make a new appointment.
  • On confirmation of your new appointment you will be sent a pre-history appointment sheet alongside a guide price of our tests and investigations. It is important that you read this information and return the history sheet no later than two weeks prior to your appointment. This will help to avoid any unnessary delays at your consultation.
  • During the consultation we will advise you about the right investigations for you, the choices you have, the plan of therapy.
  • Insured and self-paying Initial consultation is £325
  • Insured and self-paying follow-up consultation is £195
  • Initial scan is £225 (excluding consultation fee)
  • Follow up Consultation and subsequent scans is £275
  • Midwife Consultation is £110
  • Immune Tests are £260-£590 each
  • Hormone Tests are £65 - £180
  • Thyroid Profile is £120
  • Liver Function Test is £70
  • Full Thrombophilia screen is £460
  • Prescriptions cost is £20 in addition to postage fee of £1.80

NB Costs are subject to change and it is difficult to envisage absolute figures that you may incur. A phlebotomy charge of £15 is added and a handling charge for some of our tests.