BBC - Baby born to woman who suffered 20 miscarriages

A woman who suffered 20 miscarriages over 10 years, has had a baby boy after being given a drug normally used to treat malaria and rheumatoid arthritis.

Kelly Moseley, from Birmingham, endured 11 miscarriages each at about eight weeks before she contacted a miscarriage expert she had seen on television.

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'A dream come true': Woman who had 20 miscarriages has baby thanks to malaria pill. The hydroxychloroquine tablet was used to to suppress Kelly Moseley’s immune system

Kelly Moseley's story puts me in awe of smart medicine. Mirror health guru Miriam Stoppard says this heartwarming story shows medicine will solve more and more problems that once seemed impossible to overcome
The couple were the first in the world to benefit from the treatment, which costs 25p per tablet.
Kelly's dreams of becoming a mum were realised thanks to miscarriage consultant Hassan Shehata, who discovered she had a high level of NK, or natural killer cells, in her immune system.
Listen to Dr. Hassan Interview

  • Kelly Moseley, 37, turned to consultant for help after watching him on TV
  • She had been trying for a baby for more than a decade with her husband
  • Successful pregnancy described as 'amazing medical breakthrough'