The experience of undergoing fertility treatment can be a time of great stress for most couples, whether the outcome is successful or not, and the experience may put even the strongest relationships to a severe test. The medicalisation of the process of conception, with its attendant cycles of hope and despair may have a particularly powerful impact on a couple's sexual and emotional intimacy which may be difficult to maintain through the lengthy process of treatment. The complex feelings that arise as a result of losses experienced by the couple can become hard to unravel and express, which can lead to a buildup of tension that may threaten to overwhelm a relationship. Given the emotional challenges which are involved in this particular journey it is not surprising that many couples can benefit from talking to an experienced couple therapist during this time. Having a regular, dependable space in which to explore and process thoughts and feelings with a non-judgmental third person who is aware of the complex issues involved can be an invaluable support at a time when feelings of loneliness and isolation can emerge. Ben Mankowitz is a trained couple and individual therapist with over 20 years experience counselling clients with a diverse range of concerns including fertility and fertility treatment issues. He works from comfortable rooms at the Chesson Therapy Centre in Fulham, west London. If you would like to speak to Ben in order to discuss arranging an initial assessment, he can be reached on 07903525958. Alternatively, you can visit his website at where there is more information about Ben's background, practice and qualifications.